Letter to the Seattle Times about Bruce Ramsey’s column

Bruce Ramsey has done an admirable job in capturing the essence of the U.S. lawsuit against me and why I keep fighting it [“Why Bert Sacks keeps fighting,” opinion, Jan. 5]. However, in the limited space available there are necessarily many details which have to be left out.

The article says, “Sacks refused to pay [the fine]. In 2004, he sued the government, arguing that the blockade of Iraq violated international treaties on human rights. The courts ruled the treaties were not binding.”

One of those treaties is the Convention on Genocide. Federal District Judge Robart had to accept that 500,000 preventable Iraqi children’s’ deaths were genocide — given the stage in our legal proceedings where we were at. Yet, he still dismissed our case against the government for this crime.

I must admit that the judge’s ruling stunned me at the time. And it still does. The U.S. can commit genocide and there is no legal remedy.

Go to this page for Federal District Judge Robart’s ruling about genocide in our law suit.

— Bert Sacks, Seattle

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2 Responses to Letter to the Seattle Times about Bruce Ramsey’s column

  1. Dear Bert,
    What can I say?
    I read Daniel Ellsberg ‘case. Now I’ve read your case, Bradley Manning’s, Julian Assange’s wikileaks cases.. and many cases of Chinese activists, Vietnamese activists in their own countries..Everywhere, from Africa to Asia, Europe, America, Australia.. there is no Justice. However each has its own circumstance, the common feature which I have learnt is that GOVERNMENT IS above the law, and government always breaks the law as it sees fit.. In one word, there is no “rule of law” as we all have wrongly believed.
    Government only backs down when the PEOPLE revolt (publlic agitation). In this regard I totally agree with Chris Hedges “No Act of Rebellion Is Wasted” http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/no_act_of_rebellion_is_wasted_20101213/
    I myself no longer beleive in the so-called “the rule of law” under the current system of “representative democracy”. As we have all witness, our current representative democarcy with the so-called ” three check and balance pillars” CANNOT PREVENT government criminal activity, and even worse our current system CANNOT STOP these government criminals and their crimes even once they have been revealed and proved in public with volumous concrete evidences. The three pillars have not checked and balanced each other as it’s supposed to be, but eluded and converged toghether to carry out grave crimes against the people, against humanity.

    The current system must be changed for humanity and Justice to survive, and that Government has to be stripped off its excessive political power. I dont know how… But I know only the PEOPLE REVOLT can make this happens …
    Henry David Thoreau wrote: “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”…

    As of this moment, the PEOPLE have not been prepared for this. They still falsly beleive in political government, and that has given all of us this current darkness around the world: People are victimed by not only foreign force but brytally by their own governments.

    I wish you all the best.
    But I cannot see any point in “going to court” ..

  2. Dear Bert,
    Thank you for your words and your trying to explain.
    Of course it must be from the people. That’s the word DEMOCRACY all about.
    I do not have the answer, but I do know that because it has been proved that change cannot be “trickle-up” either.
    The current system that has produced many wars, tortured, murdered, and done unjustice to millions of people CANNOT STAY.
    Let’s take iraq as a case in point.
    Many people had known and warned publicly that the “sanction” would not work and that would kill hundred of thousand children; many had known and warned publicly that attacking Iraq and Afgan would be a large scale disaster… but Nothing could stop them…
    Now we all know that ALL THE GOVERNMENT deliberately LIED and DECIEVED the public to make Iraq war and other wars.
    The ” people trickle- up” even with pre-warning could neither prevent nor stop 500,000 children being nurdered.. Millions of people have been murdered and all crimes are continuing..in Afganistan and THEY ARE MAKING WAR in IRAN very soon..and will be another war, and another war…… and you still beleive that we should wait to TRICKLE UP through the very corruptive murderous and unjust system?

    It’s amazing that YOU still have faith in such current system.

    When can the “people trickle-up” through “current representative democracy” stop this current madness then?
    Or do we have to wait for another 500,000 children in IRAN to be killed, and millions of Iranians be murdered?
    Meanwhile what have happen to those government criminals? NOTHING except they have got better and more powerful ..
    Mahatma Gandhi and THoreau did not work through the system, but they advocated to defy and overthrow the system non-violently. That’s why Mahattma Gandhi staged and led massive cevil disobedience until the colonial system overthrown.
    Non-violence does not mean working through the corruptive system, but couragely defy the system totally and non-violently.
    That’s what I know.
    I disagree with your method- howver I always wish you all the best.

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