U.S. Suit to collect the fine

March 29, 2010: The United States of America has elected to file suit against me to collect the fine (and interest and penalties) which I refused to pay in 2002 for my 1997 trip to Iraq.

There have been legal documents filed regarding the upcoming trial, probably the most interesting for general reading is my Declaration submitted to the court on 11 July 2011.  On the same day, a Brief was filed in response to the government’s motion for Summary Judgment: Section 1.3 (page 5) and especially Section 1.5 (page 11) are worth reading.

September 19, 2011: This date, originally set for the trial against me to collect the fine, has been vacated by Judge Richard A. Jones.  He has ordered the Government to respond why the Court should not dismiss the case.  The Government brief is available here and our response is available here.  We are now waiting to hear his ruling from Judge Jones.

December 28, 2011: On this date, Judge Richard A. Jones issued his order to dismiss the case against me.  Here are two brief summaries of the ruling — including my ambivalent feelings about it — one from Bruce Ramsey, editorial writer for the Seattle Times, and another from Rosette Royale,  Assistant Editor of Real Change newspaper.

I will post and email any future news and actions on the home page of this website.

2 Responses to U.S. Suit to collect the fine

  1. Enas Mohamed says:

    Dear Bert, so glad to hear that your case has been finally dismissed. Now you can turn that page forever and no more worries. Hope to see you stronger than ever and that nothing can deter you from helping those who need you; our world cannot thrive without people like you!

    Thank you Bert…thank you for being you!

    In peace,

  2. Bert Sacks says:

    Dear Enas, so good to hear from you. I feel much gratitude for all of the people I’ve come to know in the process of trying to educate Americans about what we had been doing to the people of Iraq. And, of course, you are one of them. So I return the comment and say, Thank you, Enas, for being you and for working for peace for us all.


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